About Camping Stoves With Griddles 1

About Coleman Camp Stoves

About Camping Stoves With Griddles 1The Coleman brand has been around for many years and is widely trusted by many people. Most of its products are durable. However, no matter how a durable a product is, there will be times when you will need to replace a part. Coleman offers a variety of replacement parts for its camp stoves should a part get damaged or lost.


These stoves make your camping experience easier by allowing you to cook without firewood. This is safer than starting a fire on the ground.

Propane Stoves

Propane stoves are good for camping. There is a fold-and-go two-burner unit and a one-burner–both compact enough for a backpack. There are also bigger models that work as a grill or that can be used when cooking with pots.

Liquid Fuel Stoves

The liquid fuel stoves use a clear-burning liquid for fuel and range in size from one burner to three burners. The one-burner stoves are compact enough to fit into your backpack, and all of the stoves are lightweight enough for camping.

About Camping Stoves With Griddles 1

Cost in 2009

The price of the liquid fuel-burning stoves ranges from $50 for the one-burner models up to $150 for the three-burner models. The price range for the propane-burning stoves is from $35 for the one-burner models to $70 for the two-burner models.


Accessories for the stoves include a light that clamps to the hood of the bigger models or could clamp to a table. Accessories also include bags to tote the stoves and stands to hold the stove once you get to camp. The light costs around $15 and the stand is about $20.